Reasons to Choose a Chiropractic Care Over Medical Treatment

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Regardless of what condition you're suffering from, it's normal to want to feel better. When it comes to certain conditions, you may find yourself choosing between chiropractic care and medical solutions. While medicine has its place in treating you, sometimes it's better to see a general chiropractor. Here are some reasons why.

Working With Your Body

Medicine isn't always harmful, but it doesn't always work with your body. Using pain as an example, medical treatment may involve using drugs. Some drugs can have side effects, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories increasing your risk of a stomach ulcer. In other cases, medications can have addictive components, so you may struggle to stop using them. A general chiropractor will look for ways to work with your body rather than against it. This means they'll identify the natural resources available to resolve your medical complaint. One example of this is using adjustments to resolve pain. By performing a spinal adjustment, they offer a long-lasting solution that doesn't require drugs. 

Greater Control Over Your Care

Taking a purely medical approach to your condition can often mean handing control over to someone else. Usually, this is because medical interventions require prescriptions or referrals to other specialists. Although such actions are taken with your safety in mind, they can frustrate you. It's normal to feel frustrated when you don't have much control over what's happening to your body. In contrast, chiropractors encourage you to use a lot of their methods when you're at home. Although you can't adjust your own back, you can use the movements and exercises they prescribe to improve your condition. Your chiropractor may also provide you with aids to use. For example, wedges that support the stretches you need to perform to reduce your back pain.

Non-Invasive Techniques

Depending on the condition you're suffering from, medicine sometimes leads to surgery. Although surgery is necessary in some cases, it shouldn't act as a first fix when non-invasive techniques are available. For example, if you're suffering from shoulder pain, it may be the case that a spinal adjustment can alleviate it. Your chiropractor will identify subluxations, which are joints that don't align as they should. They'll then perform movements to realign them and reduce your pain. If you can avoid surgery by choosing a chiropractor, you'll also avoid the side effects and pain that come with it. By using non-invasive techniques, you can also avoid some of the downtime you may need to take if you opt for a surgical solution.

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