When Should You See a Chiropractor During Pregnancy?

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The journey to motherhood, right from conception to the moment you get to hold your little one in your arms is a beautiful one. Your body will change, and you want to make sure you are well prepared for and can manage these changes. A pregnancy chiropractor can help you do just that.

The benefits of pregnancy chiropractic care go beyond relieving pains and aches, to include optimal baby positioning and increasing the chances of an easier delivery. Looking at these benefits, you no doubt have questions about when you should start seeing a chiropractor.

The Earlier, the Better

It's never too soon to start seeing a chiropractor. Some women actually make a point of booking appointments while trying to conceive (TTC.) Pre-pregnancy chiropractic care helps to relieve physical and mental stress, both of which are a challenge when TTC. The adjustments also ensure proper pelvis alignment to avoid undue stress on your reproductive organs.

You have every reason to start seeking pregnancy chiropractic services as early as right after confirming that positive pregnancy result. The care is invaluable even in the first trimester, with key benefits such as nausea control.

Sticking with one chiropractor throughout the journey is also advisable. Identify a qualified and experienced pregnancy chiropractor early on, build a rapport, and you can look forward to enjoying all the benefits of this alternative medicine therapy.

It's Never too Late

You may have missed starting with pregnancy chiropractic care during your first trimester, or even the second, now what? You can start anytime, even in your last trimester. The chiropractor will start with a comprehensive assessment and develop a care plan suited to your specific needs and where you are in your pregnancy journey.

It is never too late; however, close you may be to your due date. Your chiropractor can help to ease the labour process and even reduce the chances of ending up with a caesarean delivery. Through a highly effective technique known as the Webster Technique that ensures your child is in the optimal birth position, something that helps to contribute to an easy and natural delivery.

Don't Wait for Relief

For a smooth and healthy pregnancy, you will do well to see a chiropractor as early on in your pregnancy journey as you can. Don't wait until the aches and discomfort kick in to seek these services, because, as mentioned, the benefits start from when you are TTC to delivery and even postpartum.