Key Mistakes You Shouldn't Make When You Have Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is one of the leading causes of disability throughout the world. If you are one of the many people who struggle with lower back pain, you know how essential it is to alleviate the pain or manage the condition effectively.

While you can rely on over-the-counter medication for relief or seek treatment from a professional, there are other mistakes you should avoid at all costs. However, most people don't know the cause of the back pain, much less what they can do to manage it. This post will share some of the things you should avoid doing if you want to heal quickly and keep the pain at bay.

Choosing to ignore the presence of the pain   

One of the mistakes people make when they have lower back pain is to overlook the issue. Instead of taking the time to determine the cause of the problem and seeking treatment, most people choose to ignore the problem, thinking that it will go away in time. When you allow this pain to become part of you, you'll strain your body significantly. It's always advisable to acknowledge that you have a problem then take action before it becomes a major problem that will frustrate you. But, when you take action right away, chiropractors will deal with the cause immediately and rectify it.

Involving yourself in strenuous activities

Pain is one of the ways the body communicates to you that something isn't right. If you are working or doing some exercise and feel pain, it means that you should take a break or modify the activity. So, if sitting for long periods, lifting heavy items incorrectly, driving for long hours, or sleeping on your belly causes or increases your back pain, be sure to stop or take a break. Continuing will cause more damage to your spine, and the body will have no option but to shut down.

Skipping your workout completely

Although some exercises may be causing your lower back pain, particularly those that increase pressure on the spine, it doesn't mean that you should stop exercising for good. When you choose to remain inactive, the muscles that support the spine will be weakened. This will cause you to experience more pain over time unless you choose to start working out again.

Workouts that are gentle like stretching and walking or activities that are done in water will come in handy, so try them out. Your chiropractor may also recommend a set of workouts you should do. These exercises will be customized to suit your needs, so follow the instructions.