Should Pregnant Women Consider Getting Chiropractic Care?

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During pregnancy, the woman's body gets overwhelmed with all the physical and hormonal changes happening. Besides accommodating the growing baby, the body also has to ready for the delivery. Due to these natural body changes, misalignments like postural changes, increased back curve and pelvic orientation changes often occur, making pregnancy more difficult. For this reason, pregnant women must get pregnancy care, and one of the options they can consider is chiropractic care. A chiropractor examines the body as a whole to identify the cause of dysfunction and pain rather than masking or treating the symptoms.

Here are the benefits of seeing a pregnancy chiropractor.

Lower back pain relief

Due to the growing baby bump, your back will be under too much pressure. This often occurs as a result of the compression in the pelvis sacroiliac joints and lumbar spine. Since things are bound to get worse over time, consider getting chiropractor care. A qualified chiropractor will check your medical history and even perform a movement analysis and physical examination.

The expert will adjust the lower back and pelvis and massage the surrounding tissues. Other than relieving back pain and any pelvic discomfort you may have, it will become easier for the baby to descend in the delivery position. The expert may also recommend some helpful stretches or exercises. Instead of taking medication to mask the pain, consider seeing a chiropractor so they can treat the problem from the cause. This is better for you and the baby.

Preventing sciatica

Have you been feeling some sharp pain in your legs whenever you walk? Or, do you feel numbness or tingling at your foot? Usually, the sciatica nerve takes on more pressure in the third trimester due to the growing uterus, and the baby's head. Fortunately, a chiropractor can assist you in dealing with sciatica, making pregnancy and delivery easier.

Promote proper positioning of the baby

Although the belly grows continuously to create more space for your baby, issues like pelvic misalignments and posture changes can easily reduce the room that's availed for the growing baby. You may experience painful problems, and your baby will also suffer because there isn't adequate space for them to get into the right delivery position. Your chiropractor will conduct the necessary adjustments to maintain the spine alignment and proper pelvic balance. This promotes easier and safer delivery, something every soon-to-be mother desires.

Handling special pregnancy conditions

Women who struggle with unique pregnancy problems such as a previous caesarean section and malpositioned babies can also rely on chiropractic care to avoid surgical birth. You can either get chiropractic adjustment during pregnancy or even while in labour.