Should You Start Receiving Scheduled Remedial Massages?

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You probably are aware of the massive benefits that routine massages will offer your body. But have you ever considered a remedial massage? These massages differ from the conventional types since they focus on the systematic treatment of either prevalent or reoccurring musculoskeletal problems that are having a negative influence on your well-being. Certified and licensed professionals solely perform remedial massages. These masseuses have learnt the ins and outs of the physiology and anatomy of your body so that they know what to focus on for your treatment. Although some people may think this type of massage is more uncomfortable when compared to the traditional options, the health benefits are undeniable. Read on to establish if you should start receiving scheduled remedial massages.

Stress reduction

Whether you are in a high-stakes job or not, present-day lifestyles have become much more hectic than decades before. And if you are not taking measures to keep your physical, mental and emotional state calm, you begin to develop symptoms such as constant tension in your muscles, unhealthy loss or increase of appetite, erratic emotions and more. Remedial massages are a great way of counteracting these symptoms.

When the masseuse is performing the massaging, the manipulations help in increasing the endorphins in your body. Increased endorphins work to decrease cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone produced when you are under high levels of stress. Thus, after each remedial massage, you will have a noticeable improvement in your mood and a decrease in your stress.

Sustain immunity

If you find you are constantly under the weather, you may want to consider getting scheduled remedial massages. The deep tissue manipulations that the masseuse will perform help in various ways. For starters, massaging your lymphatic system invigorates proper drainage and immediately helps with detoxifying your body. Thus, you become less susceptible to falling ill since your body is not plagued by toxins.

Secondly, the manipulations assist in stimulating white cells, which are your body's immediate defense against invading germs. The more efficient the stimulation of these white cells, the less likely you will fall ill.

Thirdly, remedial massages function to decrease the presence of cytokines in your body. Cytokines are types of molecular proteins that are responsible for inflammation. The lower the levels of cytokines in your system, the less vulnerable you are to inflamed joints, tendons and so on. Hence, not only are remedial massages beneficial for individuals that are susceptible to illness, but they also help in sustaining the immunity of those that are not.